• 36431 Sr Systems Analyst - Washington, DC

    ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc.Washington, DC 20044

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  • Job Description:

    Education : Undergraduate degree strongly preferred; preferably in the computer science or information management/technology disciplines.


    • This is a senior level technical position, often the most senior level technical position for all work for a particular DOJ component.

    • Must demonstrate substantial, hands-on, successful experience in actually doing the work on the systems being used, usually at least five years of such experience.

    • For example, if most of the databases will be set up using Concordance on a Windows server accessed via the JCON network, the Senior Systems Analyst should have substantial experience, and expertise, in actually doing the work of setting up, populating, troubleshooting, maintaining, documenting, and training users in Concordance databases in that environment.

    • Other systems environments will require other specific sets of skills.

    • Requires broad knowledge of the Government's IT environments, including office automation networks, and PC and server based databases and applications.

    • Experience in a litigation support environment extremely helpful.

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. Supervisory experience very strongly preferred.

    • Ability to lead a technical team, and to give it direction, will be very important, as will the demonstrated ability to analyze the attorneys' needs, and to design and implement a whole system solution responsive to those needs.

    • Based on information gathered from such consultations, determines system and project requirements.

    • Based on definition of system requirements, designs entire system to meet those requirements.

    • On smaller projects, may perform entire range of technical support, including data file conversions, program validations and testing, etc.

    • Performs systems evaluations. Makes presentations of findings, recommendations, and specifications in formal reports and in oral presentations.

    • Also consults with COR regarding task orders, scheduling of work, personnel assignments, priorities and progress reporting; plans, staffs, schedules and develops cost estimates for work to be performed under task orders.

    • Reports on contract and task order progress.

    • Directs and supervises personnel assigned to perform on task orders, ensuring conformance to work standards and ensuring that the technical design conforms to functional requirements.

    • Ensures successful completion of work, timeliness of deliverables, and quality control.

    • Prepares system/technical documentation.

    • Works under configuration management plan.

    • Performs and supervises the technical aspects of the tasks.

    • Organizes and conducts user training sessions.

    • Prepares training material and training manuals.

    Day-to-day Responsibilities:

    • Working with attorneys and staff at the Civil Division within the Department of Justice (DOJ) in daily efforts supporting the Consumer Protection Branch (CPB).

    • The CPB "leads the Justice Department's efforts to enforce consumer protection statutes throughout the United States.

    • The Consumer Protection Branch cases are rooted in our nation's fundamental consumer protection laws, establishing crucial precedents and protecting American consumers from threats to their health, safety, and wallet."

    • Apply available advanced analytic tools to provide customized solutions to a variety of investigations to minimize review time.

    • Identify and organize relevant documents using complex metadata filters and visualization tools.

    • Perform ETL (extract, transform, and load) to both processed and native files, in both structured and unstructured format, to illuminate meaningful connections and correlations among vast data sets.

    • Prepare chronologies, presentations, and other visual aids based on the review and identification of data and information. Deliver presentations of findings, recommendations, and specifications in reports and meetings.

    • Familiarity with analytic tools such as Palantir, Tableau, Acumen Medicare/Medicaid database analysis tool, or BrainSpace is highly desirable.

    Clearance: Public Trust

    ABBTECH is an EOE/Minorities/Women/Disabled Individuals/Veterans

    Updated 05/15/2019